Our Top Chef Raymond Rundle

Executive chef at The Grace Hotel in Rosebank, Raymond Rundle’s style is contemporary with a fusion influence. He loves old classic recipes and attests to a desire to infuse these with a modern spin using his own unique style and influence. Raymond’s secret to recreating the classics is to experiment with interesting food combinations. An example of this is the recipe for “Spiced Parsnip and Ginger Soup”.

Raymond believes that where possible, ingredients should always be fresh to ensure that the recipes individual flavours and tastes are captured. Raymond is very particular and uses only ingredients of the highest quality, admitting to having a preference for Douglasdale Dairy products when preparing his culinary delights.

“Presentation is very important, as it stimulates the visual appetite, even when you are merely preparing a meal for oneself, you should always pay attention to the final presentation,” he explains.

“The diversity of South African cultures and traditional cuisine, has brought about a wide variety of dishes to draw from. It is an exciting challenge to combine our classics with global trends, which is a must at The Grace where we cater for both the local and international palate,” he adds. The Grace has under Raymond’s skilful guidance and evident passion for food, won the Best Fine Dining Restaurant award for the past two consecutive years.