OUR Waste

Douglasdale Dairy has partnered with a recycling company to manage the waste generated on our premises. All waste is collected and sent to our recycling station for sorting.

During this process, all products are grouped into the various recyclable materials i.e. HDPE, LDPE, PP and paper. It this then collected and taken for recycling.

Through this initiative, we have reduced our landfill usage by 75%

We are committed to using materials that are recyclable to further reduce our landfill usage.

To further promote recycling and allow our consumers to participate in the recycling process, we have partnered with Imagined Earth and their Reverse Vending Machine technology (RVMs) that allow consumers to ‘return and earn.’

For more information on this and where you can find your nearest recycling station, visit www.imaginedearth.co.za or download the app.