Coconut Smoothie with Mixed Berry or Banana

Makes 6 glasses


500g Frozen Berries or 2 ripe Bananas or 500g Strawberries
1 cup tinned Coconut Milk
1 cup natural Greek Yoghurt
500ml Douglasdale Milk
chopped Mint Leaves


1. Blend fruit (mixed berries or banana or strawberries) and mint in a food processor until smooth.
2. Add the Douglasdale Milk, coconut milk, greek yoghurt and blend into a smooth creamy consistency.
3. Serve in a tall chilled cocktail glass.


You can also combine the strawberries, mixed berries and banana into one smoothie. Remember to divide the quantities by 3 (approx 150g mixed berries, 150g strawberries and 1 banana)